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Creating Engaged Youth Voters

Since the voting age was lowered to 18 in 1971, one trend has remained constant across all elections: our youngest voters (ages 18-25) have the lowest turnout of all age groups.

Years of research (see data from CIRCLE at Tuft’s University) reveal a number of reasons why young voters aren’t engaging at higher levels. The potential solutions are just as numerous, each addressing a different obstacle along the youth voter pipeline.

That’s where the Y comes in. Alongside a coalition of partners, we are making a nationwide Youth Voter Commitment – to transform the culture around youth voting in our schools and communities, to ensure the highest possible rates of youth voter registration/turnout, and to actively engage youth voters as changemakers at all levels of government.


Signing the Commitment

Our Youth Voter Commitment asks YMCA participants, advisors/volunteers, and staff – and their respective schools and YMCAs – to take part in a 5-phase effort transforming youth voter participation in their communities.

Please sign the commitment below, and ask peers/colleagues to do the same. We encourage schools and Ys to have as many participants sign the commitment as possible!

Sign the YMCA Youth Voter Commitment

Once an individual from your school or Y has signed the commitment, your school or Y will be added to our National Dashboard. As additional members sign-up, we’ll continue adding them to your total # of commitments.


Commitment Phases

By signing-on to the commitment, you’ll agree to support your school/delegation through each phase of the process:

Phase 1 | Youth Voting Advocacy

  • Send a personal letter to your state’s Chief Elections Official advocating for the creation of a youth voter registration award (some states already have one!), along with additional recommendations to support youth voter inclusion.
  • Send a personal letter to your School Principal asking them to incorporate voter registration and outreach as part of their annual operating plans.

Phase 2 | Youth Poll Worker Pledge

  • Help the Y to recruit a new generation of 2,020 youth poll workers (ages 16-25) from your schools and YMCAs to sign our Youth Poll Worker Pledge before the election.
  • Endorse and advocate for “Youth at the Booth” – making 16 the universal age for serving as a poll worker.

Phase 3 | Voter Registration Mobilization

  • Our Commitment Co-Chairs, Youth Secretaries of State, and Youth Advocate Network will work with you to begin mobilizing your delegations and schools to conduct voter registration online (and, if safe, in-person).

Phase 4 | National Voter Registration Month

  • We’ll also be encouraging schools and delegations to take part in Rock the Vote‘s Democracy Class from Sept. 14-18 as part of our month-long efforts.

Phase 5 | Get Out the Vote (GOTV)

  • To ensure youth voter turnout, we’ll launch GOTV efforts with Vote Early Day on Saturday, Oct. 24, to encourage safe voting before Election Day and to encourage vote-by-mail absentee ballot requests.
  • Our GOTV efforts will culminate by hosting virtual or in-person VoteTogether parties during early voting in October, November, and on Election Day – Nov. 3rd.


Additional Resources & Information

In addition to the organizations and resources already mentioned, we have also organized an additional list of links and materials to help support your youth voter outreach efforts: