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NASS Natl. Voter Reg. Month
September 1-30, 2019
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Rock the Vote’s Democracy Class
September 16-20, 2019

High School Voter Reg. Week
September 23-27, 2019

National Voter Reg. Day
September 24, 2019
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NASS Winter Meeting
Jan. 30 – Feb. 2, 2020
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High School Voter Reg. Week
Natl. Voter Reg. Day
Non-Profit Vote
Natl. Assoc. of Secs. of State
Rock the Vote
When We All Vote


Increasing Youth Voter Registration & Turnout

One thing has remained constant across all American elections since federal voting age was lowered to 18: the youngest eligible voters (ages 18-25) have the lowest turnout of all age groups.

Decades of research – see the data from CIRCLE at Tuft’s University – have yielded many answers as to why young voters don’t show up at the polls, ranging from lack of interest/understanding of issues or disconnect with candidates, to institutional/legal barriers to voting or lack of a voting culture.

In most cases, voter registration and turnout efforts are left to candidates, political parties, and partisan organizations. Campaigns and parties understand that young voters aren’t as likely to show up, so youth are often overlooked by partisan “Get Out The Vote” (GOTV) efforts. This only increases the turnout disparity with young voters.

That’s where the Y – and our Youth and Government programs across the country – come in. Together, alongside the partner organizations listed below, we look to increase youth voter registration and turnout, ensuring that youth have the most powerful tool possible – the right to vote – to act as changemakers in their communities.


Youth Voting Partner Organizations

High School Voter Registration Week
The Y is partnering with High School Voter Registration Week to host non-partisan voter registration events at high schools across the country.

  • Any interested Youth and Government delegation/chapter or YMCA should register their event at the High School Voter Registration Week website to receive more resources.
  • When you register your voter registration event on the website, be sure to select “YMCA Youth and Government” on the form when asked if you’re affiliated with an organizational partner.

National Voter Registration Day
The dates for High School Voter Registration Week are designed to coincide with the timing of National Voter Registration Day, which is a national project of Non-Profit Vote and the largest voter registration effort in the country.

  • Each year, NVRD occurs on the fourth Tuesday in September, before all state deadlines to register to vote.
  • Y-USA partners with Non-Profit Vote and National Voter Registration Day to host voter registration events and activities through our 2,700 YMCA branches around the country. To help with an NVRD event at a YMCA near you, find your local YMCA and start planning!

When We All Vote
When We All Vote, which launched in 2018, is a non-profit, nonpartisan organization that is on a mission to increase participation in every election and close the race and age voting gap by changing the culture around voting, harnessing grassroots energy, and through strategic partnerships to reach every American.


Youth Voter Resources & Information

In addition to the organizations and resources already mentioned, we have also organized an additional list of links and materials to help support your youth voter outreach efforts: