Youth Changemaker Conventions

Convention Dates

Changemaker Convention 1
July 12-17, 2020
Madison/Milwaukee, WI

Changemaker Convention 2
August 23-28, 2020
Charlotte, NC


Registration & Fees

Intent Form:
Convention Intent Form
Interested states should complete the intent form by October 15th

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Registration Form:
Opens Tuesday, Oct. 15th

Convention Fee: $1,250.00
Includes Lodging, Meals, and Activities/Materials

College Credit: $999.00 (Optional)
Three (3) college credits in Political Science from Reinhardt University.


About the Conventions

In July and August of 2020, YMCA Youth and Government will host Youth Changemaker Conventions in Madison/Milwaukee, WI and Charlotte, NC to coincide with the Democratic and Republican National Conventions taking place in each city:

Convention Flyer & Sample Agenda (PDF)

These non-partisan youth-led conventions will provide students from across the country with the opportunity to work together on building a youth-led platform for the future of the country while engaging with local, state, and national political figures and experts as they take part in their respective conventions.

Youth participants will arrive on the Sunday prior to the start of each respective convention (July 12th or August 23rd), and depart on Friday morning following the conclusion of the convention (July 17th or August 28th).


Convention Agenda & Programming

Over the course of the week, participants will take part in a variety of workshops and trainings, service projects, a model convention process, hear from public officials, political experts, and media, and attend/experience components of their respective conventions.

Programming on the agenda for each convention may include, but is not limited to:

  • Model Convention Process: Rules/Procedures, Platform-building, and Nominating
  • Meetings/Forums with Public Officials, Political Experts, and Media
  • Attending/Experiencing events and sessions at the DNC/RNC
  • Youth Advocacy Workshops
  • Non-partisan Youth Voter Registration & GOTV Trainings
  • TED-Ed Talk Training & Presentations
  • Service Projects with Local Community & YMCAs
  • Focus Groups/Polling on Youth Issues


Convention Registration & Fees

Registration for both conventions will open in the fall of 2019. Spaces for each convention will be limited, so be sure to register as soon as possible.

If you want to be notified when the registration form opens, please add your name and email to our Changemaker Convention Email List.

The Convention Fee is $1,250, which include lodging, meals, programming, and activities – the only cost not included in your fee will be transportation to and from Wisconsin or North Carolina. For groups bringing 10 or more students, 1 adult registration is complimentary for every 10 students in your group.


Optional College Credit

We are partnering with Reinhardt University, a fully regionally accredited University, to offer participants an opportunity to earn three (3) hours of college credit in Political Science.  The fee for this optional credit opportunity is $999.00.

Students taking advantage of this opportunity will participate in pre-event online modules, readings, and discussions and submit a post-event project.


Convention FAQ

Have questions about participating? Here are the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions:

  • Are the Changemaker Conventions partisan or affiliated with a party?
    No. While each Changemaker Convention will take place during either the Democratic or Republican National Conventions, our programs will have no partisan affiliation or connection to the respective party. While students will have the opportunity to attend or experience components of the conventions, our programming will remain non-partisan, with speakers and guests from across the political spectrum.
  • Do I have to support the party/candidates of the convention I attend?
    No. Convention participants will be taking part in a non-partisan model convention process to address issues important to them, no matter their political background. The Changemaker Conventions will not be supporting either party or their candidates, but will be taking the opportunity to observe and learn from the process at each convention.
  • Can I attend both Conventions?
    Due to limited spaces, and to provide a unique experience to all participants, preference will be given to students who are only attending one convention. This will also allow students with different summer commitments/schedules to select a convention based on the best dates for them and their families. If spaces are still available after our registration deadline, students can submit a request to register for both conventions.
  • Will be attending the actual DNC/RNC convention sessions?
    Most of our Changemaker Convention programming will occur at a nearby college campus during each convention, but our agenda will include visits to the convention site, attendance at convention proceedings, and meetings with speakers and public officials from their respective conventions.