Civic Health Champions

Become a Civic Health Champion

The Y is partnering with the National Conference on Citizenship (NCoC) to recognize, train, and support middle and high school educators as Civic Health Champions who will assess and strengthen the civic health of their schools through their sponsorship of the Y’s Youth and Government program:

In addition to trainings and opportunities co-hosted by the Y and NCoC, champions will:

  • Receive a stipend (varies by state) to offer Youth and Government at their school.
  • Bring students to their state’s Youth and Government conference
  • Set civic health goals for their students/school as well as administer the Youth Civic Health Survey to their Youth and Government participants and overall student body.

Educators are invited to register as Civic Health Champions each year, with registration for the next school year starting in late spring:

Civic Health Champion Registration

In addition to Youth and Government state programs that provide stipends to their respective champions, YMCA of the USA will also be providing funding ($500 per educator) to Civic Health Champions in states without existing stipends.


Champions Calendar

After registering, all champions will receive our virtual training that walks through each component of their role. Champions will then submit an action plan for each of their civic health goals, and later in the spring submit a final report alongside completion of their civic health survey administration:

Champion Registration & Training
Virtual training emailed to all champions

National Conference on Citizenship Panel
2021 Civic Health Champions Panel (Recorded)

Champion Action Plan
Due Friday, Feb. 18, 2022

Youth Civic Health Survey
Administered prior to submitting Champions Report

Champion Report
Due Friday, Apr. 22, 2022

Champions Convening
Virtual Event | May 2022 TBA

Each Youth and Government program can also offer additional state opportunities to their respective champions.


Civic Health Goals

Each champion will be asked to create an action plan for 3 civic health goals during the school year:

  1. In order to work with your Youth and Government students to improve the civic health of your school, your participants should reflect and represent the different dimensions of diversity within your student community. How will you work to accomplish this?
  2. How can you best utilize your Youth and Government participants to improve the overall civic health of your school?
  3. What institutional changes can you advocate for with your fellow educators and administrators to sustain the civic health of your school?

Champions will be asked to submit their action plan after receiving our virtual training, and then a final report on their progress along with their civic health survey results.


Youth Civic Health Survey

Finally, champions will facilitate their school’s participation in the Youth Civic Health Survey, inspired by NCoC’s Civic Health Index (CHI) and consisting of indicators adapted from Civic Engagement and Volunteerism Supplement of the Current Population Survey (CPS) administered by the Census Bureau and Bureau of Labor Statistics:

Youth Civic Health Survey

Each champion will administer the survey via the online portal above to their Youth and Government participants as well as their school’s overall student body (recommended sample of at least ~100 students depending on the size of your school).

If any parents/guardians have additional questions about their student’s participation in the survey, please share our Letter to Parents/Families, which also provides a link where they can download the full list of Youth Civic Health Survey Indicators (PDF).