Connecticut HS Officers & Candidates

Serving as an Officer

Our Connecticut High School Youth Assembly is led by two types of student officers: 

  • Presiding Officers who are elected at the end of each assembly to serve a full year-long term leading our program and preside over the next year’s assembly.
  • Supporting Officers who apply during the school year and are selected in the months prior to the assembly to serve in supporting leadership roles.

Each officer role offers a unique opportunity to develop and strengthen your skills as a servant leader and help provide an incredibly assembly experience for your peers.

Presiding Officers

Each year, the assembly concludes with the election our team of presiding officers, who serve a year-long term leading our program and preside over the next year’s assembly.

Here the different Presiding Officer positions available at our assembly, and the students who will be serving in these roles during the 2023-2024 school year:

  • Governor Marina Pinto
  • Lt. Governor(s) Emma Kelly & Marie-Therese Morosky
  • Speaker of the House Anna Korchinski
  • Secretary of State Grace Kulaga

If you are interested in running as candidate at this year’s assembly for one of our presiding officer positions, please complete the candidate declaration form below:

Presiding Officer Candidate Declaration (Coming Soon)
Presiding Officer Commitment Form (Coming Soon)

Serving as a Presiding Officer requires a great deal of dedication and commitment, and interested students should discuss the opportunity with their advisor(s) and family before declaring as a candidate.

Supporting Officers

For students interested in a more specific and short-term officer role, they can apply to serve in one of our supporting officer positions during the school year, and serve in a supporting role at our upcoming assembly:

  • Cabinet Members (See application for available positions)
  • Committee Chairs

If you would like to apply to serve as a supporting officer at this year’s assembly, please complete the application below:

Supporting Officer Application (Coming Soon)

Once the deadline for supporting officer applications has passed (check the registration page for a full list of assembly deadlines), applicants will be notified of their selection status after all applications have been reviewed.