Connecticut HS Registration

High School Registration & Fees

Please use the links below to submit the registration and fees for your students and adult chaperones attending this year’s High School Assembly:

Student Registration Form
$400 fee per student (Standard)
$500 (2 per room) \ $650 (Private room)

Adult Registration Form
$400 fee per adult (2 per room)
$650 (Private adult room)

To arrange group payment for your delegation (or for an individual payment link), please contact our program staff.

High School Deadlines

Review the deadlines below to ensure your delegation successfully completes their preparation for the assembly:

Supporting Officer Applications
TBA 2024

Presiding Officer Candidate Declarations
TBA 2024

Scholarship Applications
TBA 2024

Assembly Registration
TBA 2024

Bill Submission
TBA 2024

Assembly Fees
TBA 2024

2024 High School Assembly
March 7-9, 2024