NJC Host Committee

Host Committee Membership

The NJC Host Committee is chaired by the NJC Director from the Host YMCA for this year’s competition, and supported by YMCA staff members and youth from the YGPA (Youth and Government Program Alliance):

  • NJC Director from Host YMCA
  • NJC Volunteer Coordinator from Host YMCA
  • Mock Trial Coordinator
  • Appellate Court Coordinator
  • YGPA Members (2 At-Large)
  • Youth Representatives (2 At-Large, 1 from Host YMCA)
  • Y-USA Representative

Committee members must be from a state program attending this year’s competition. If you are interested in serving, please make sure to fill out the Intent Form for NJC (emailed to YGPA mailing list) or reach out to orville.lindquist@ymcamn.org with any questions.