Youth Voices on Coronavirus Relief

Why Charities Matter

12 million people working for America’s charities are on the frontlines of the coronavirus response. 

Nonprofit charities are the backbone of the food banks, shelters, domestic violence services, houses of worship, early care and education centers, after-school facilities.

Collectively, they being called on to feed, house and care for people whose lives have been disrupted by closures, job loss, and sickness.


Relief for Charities

Building on critical relief already headed to communities thanks to the CARES Act, we’re supporting passage of H.R. 6408, which ensures charities aren’t left behind by taking the following steps:

  • Expressly provide charitable nonprofits with $60B for any emergency funding proposals.
  • Create a robust universal charitable deduction.
  • Ensure nonprofits of all sizes qualify for emergency SBA loans and remove the 500-employee caps

Across the country, youth leaders are speaking-out to ensure that charities and nonprofits are prioritized as part of the coronavirus relief efforts considered by Congress.

Here are a collection of Op-Eds and Letters to the Editor from YMCA Youth and Government students in a variety of local, state, and national publications:

“YMCAs and other nonprofits need federal stimulus to stay afloat”
Alison Cedarbaum | New Jersey YMCA Youth Advocate

“On a community level, countless service projects and programs show just how dedicated the Y is to promoting healthy living and togetherness for all. With the threat of COVID-19, nonprofit organizations like the YMCA are in danger.”
The Express Times – March 20, 2020

“Nonprofits need your support in order to stay alive”
Jordan Spector | New Jersey YMCA Youth Advocate

“If the YMCA is not funded properly, millions will not be able to recover after COVID-19 finally disappears. Without support, families will lose access to rehabilitation, fitness and healthy living programs.” – March 22, 2020

“Open Letter to Congressman Raskin: Protect Our Nonprofits”
Lintaro Donovan | Maryland YMCA Youth Governor

“Payrolls in the independent sector are larger than those even in the construction, finance, and transportation industries. Nonprofits like the Y employ more than 12 million people who compose the fabric of their communities. Millions of livelihoods are now at risk of dying out.”
Maryland Matters – March 22, 2020

Amid the crisis, let’s protect our nonprofit organizations, too
Lintaro Donovan | Maryland YMCA Youth Governor

“The complete shutdown in economic activity over the next weeks will prevent many organizations, including my own youth and government program, from hosting the events they need to maintain revenue streams and program funding. An inevitable economic downturn will also force many people to cut their charitable giving for the year short, punching charities in the gut when their services are needed most.”
Washington Examiner – March 27, 2020