Youth Governors Association

YGA Overview

The YMCA Youth Governors Association (YGA), modeled on the National Governors Association (NGA), brings together high school students serving as Governor (or equivalent Presiding Officer role) of their YMCA Youth and Government state programs:

2022-2023 YGA Members

Interested in connecting with the Youth Governor from your state? Please reach out to the state office for your state’s YMCA Youth Government program.

The YGA convenes virtually throughout the year during YGA Monthly Meetings, as well as in Washington, D.C. for the annual YMCA Youth Governors Conference each June.


Regional Roundtables

The Youth Governors Association is organized into 4 regions: Northeast, Southeast, Midwest, and West, encouraging collaboration and innovation between their respective states. These roundtables convene as part of official YGA gatherings, as well as for informal regional discussions and events organized by their respective states.

For a full list of the states within each region, see our Regional Roundtable page.



Membership in the Youth Governors Association begins after a Youth Governor (or equivalent role) is elected at their state’s YMCA Youth and Government conference. All membership applications will be verified by your YMCA Youth and Government State Director before your membership is approved:

YGA Membership Application

Once your membership is approved, you will begin receiving updates and correspondence for the YGA, including information on meetings, trainings, and engagement opportunities.

Already a member? Login to our YGA Members Dashboard for tools, resources, and updates for members throughout the year. Please email if you have not received the login information/password to access the dashboard.