Arkansas Youth Assembly

Assembly Overview

We’re excited to welcome students across Arkansas to represent their schools and communities at this year’s assembly:

Arkansas Youth Assembly
Date TBA 2024
Location TBA

To reserve your delegation’s space at the assembly, please fill out the assembly intent form:

Assembly Intent Form

Once you have completed the intent form, please refer to the registration page for all assembly forms, fees, and deadlines.

Assembly Roles

All student participants will select one of the following roles while attending the assembly:

  • State Representative or Senator
    The primary role for students attending the assembly, State Representatives and Senators (chambers are assigned by program staff after registration closes) will rank, debate, and vote on bills in the House or Senate.
  • Bill Sponsor | 1-4 per bill
    Representatives and Senators are encouraged, but not required, to sponsor a bill with up to 3 of their peers (4 sponsors total). Sponsors must submit their bills prior to the assembly, and will present the bill in committee before it is debated by the full House or Senate.
  • Lobbyist | 1 per bill
    Each bill sponsored by your delegation can be supported by 1 lobbyist from your delegation, who will submit a profile identifying an organization, business, or advocacy group they are representing in support of the policies put forth by the bill.
  • Reporter | 1 per delegation
    Each delegation can have 1 student serve as a reporter, who submits an article on the policy issue addressed by one of your delegation’s bills, and reports on the debate and reaction to the bill at the assembly.

In addition to these roles, students can apply to serve in a Supporting Officer role, or run as a Presiding Officer candidate.

Assembly Resources

The full agenda for the assembly will be shared below once it has been finalized:

Assembly Agenda (Coming Soon)
Bill Writing Guide (Coming Soon)
Debate Guide (Coming Soon)