Massachusetts HS Assembly

High School Assembly Overview

We’re excited to invite high school students (grades 9-12 across the Commonwealth to our Massachusetts High School Youth Assembly this coming spring in Boston:

High School Youth Assembly
March 28-30, 2024
Boston, MA | Wyndham Beacon Hill

Registration fees cover all training events and assembly costs, hotel rooms for both nights, as well as both dinners during the assembly:

Student Registration Fee: $385
Adult Registration Fee: $385 (2 per hotel room) or $700 (private room)

All Bills, Registration, and other confernece Materials are due on March 1, 2024.  

Payment will be due by March 15th.

Program Areas

Students attending our High School Youth Assembly participate in one of the following program areas:

Legislative (House & Senate)
Students serve as Representatives or Senators, with the opportunity to research and write a bill on a state policy issue of their choice, which will they will present and debate during the assembly.

Executive (Cabinet)
Students apply to serve as members of the Youth Governor’s Cabinet, who advocate for the Governor’s legislative agenda and advise the cabinet on policy issues related to their cabinet role.

Media Corps
Students serve as journalists, reporters, and other press/media roles who cover all aspects of the assembly experience through online articles, blogs, print media, and social media.