Our Partners

Nationwide Partnerships

YMCA Youth and Government is proud to partner with numerous organizations across the country that share our commitment to civic engagement, civic education, servant leadership, service-learning, and youth advocacy.

  • National Association of Secretaries of State
  • 22×20
  • When We All Vote
  • Inspire2Vote
  • High School Voter Registration Week


National Association of Secretaries of State

Founded in 1904, the National Association of Secretaries of State (NASS) is the nation’s oldest, nonpartisan professional organization for public officials. NASS serves as a medium for the exchange of information between states and fosters cooperation in the development of public policy. The association has key initiatives in the areas of elections and voting, state business services, and state heritage/archives.



The 22×20 campaign aims to activate and facilitate increased and more diverse youth voice in the democratic process. 22×20 is a groundbreaking national effort  that supports youth, building nonpartisan media literacy skills to interpret, critique, and respond to political messages as a critical step towards engagement.