New York HS Officers & Candidates

2023-2024 Presiding Officers

Governor: Nikolas Del Vecchio
Lieutenant Governor: Tyler Trowbridge
Chief Justice: Mary Duenzl
President Pro Tempore: Olivia Phillips
Speaker of Assembly Liberty: Joshua Schultzer
Speaker of Assembly Freedom: Rafay Cheema
Deputy Pro Tempore Senate Liberty: Olivia Pustelnik
Deputy Pro Tempore Senate Freedom: Victoria Basharina
Deputy Speaker of Assembly Liberty: Jason Alexopoulous
Deputy Speaker of Assembly Freedom: Mathew Reis
Attorney General: Riley Bent 
Public Defender: Alice Chen
Editor in Chief: Ila Hubert

Candidate Info

Running for a candidate position can allow students to become more engaged in the conference. Students eligible for running for office must follow all rules and expectations before, during, and after state conference. Students running for an elected position must agree to the candidate agreement statement. 




Supporting Officer: Cabinet 

Cabinet is part of the executive branch and is a supporting officer. The Governor’s Cabinet is the top advisory group to the Governor. Cabinet members are required to debate the merits of legislation that has passed through the Senate and Assembly Chambers. The debate generated by the cabinet is used as persuasive argument to influence the Governor’s decision to sign or veto a piece of legislation. Reports from the Cabinet are given to the legislative chambers to inform participants in each chamber of the status of legislation. All members of the cabinet are required to attend the February steering conference, trainings throughout the year, and Thursday of the State conference. 

Cabinet Members for 2023-2024 are
Secretary to the Governor:
Secretary of State:
Superintendent of Financial Services:
Chairperson of Empire State Development:
Chairperson NYS Public Service Commission:
Commissioner of Transportation: 
Commissioner of Agriculture and Markets:
Commissioner of Taxation and Finance:
Commissioner of Education: 
Commissioner of Health:
Commissioner of Environmental Conservation:
Commissioner of Correctional Services:
Commissioner of Labor:

Applications to be part of the Cabinet are released during the summer before the program year. If you are interested in being part of the cabinet, apply here for 2024-2025. 


Supporting Officer: Committee Chair

Committee chairs are part of the legislative branch and a supporting officer at the State conference. Committee chairs preside over the committees on Friday at the conference. All committee chairs must understand the legislative process, have a firm understanding of parliamentary procedure, and be a leader demonstrating the Y 4 core values throughout the program. 

Students interested in being a committee chair must speak to their delegation advisor. All committee chairs are required to attend the February steering conference, trainings throughout the year, and Thursday of the State conference. 

Committee chair members for 2023-2024 are

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