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High School students (grades 9-12) are invited to attend this year’s New York YMCA Youth and Government High School Assembly:

State Conference
March 22nd-24th, 2024
Albany, NY | Desmond Hotel and Capitol Building

Registration fees cover all pre-leg and conference costs, hotel rooms for both nights, as well as both dinners during the state conference:

Student Registration Fee: $385(3-4 to a room), $485 (2 per hotel room) or $535 (private room)
Adult Registration Fee: $385 (2 per hotel room) or $535 (private room)

For more information about each program area, please refer to the Youth Assembly curriculum, the handbook, or conference staff. 


The purpose of the Legislative Branch is to give participants an opportunity to propose new laws and concepts or amend legislation that will benefit the citizens of their state. It is also a chance to improve their public speaking skills and their understanding of current events. The legislative branch consists of 4 chambers: Assembly Liberty, Assembly Freedom, Senate Liberty and Senate Freedom. 

Students in legislative write a bill within a bill group consisting of 1-4 students. The bill is intended to create, change, or repeal a law. Students will present their bill and will consist of a round of debate. All bills will be heard and recognized at least once. All bills will be reviewed by the Governor and their Cabinet for it to be signed or vetoed. Depending on timing at conference, there may be a veto overrides.

Bills are passed by a majority vote. Bills in the veto override process have to pass by 2/3rds vote in the Chamber to be signed into law. 


The Judicial Program is designed to give a participant an opportunity to experience the Judicial Branch of our government. We simulate the Appeals Division Courts at the Youth Assembly conference.

There are two ways you can be involved in the Judicial program; being an attorney or a justice. Attorneys are responsible for writing a brief and creating an oral argument that will be presented at the Youth Assembly conference to the justices. Justices are to prepare for the cases at the steering conference and be well versed in everything about the cases. Justices will oversee 6-7 cases and are responsible for drafting legal opinions explaining their decision in the case.


Press is a specialized branch that provides delegates with an opportunity to understand the role of media in the government. Press Corps members become involved with the actual skills of media members including article writing, social media, photography, video editing, production, and more. Press is run by the Editor-in-Chief who will give assignments throughout the year to prepare for the Youth Assembly conference.